art direction

Our inspiration and our stylistic expression sparks off each time from the observation of the unique business opportunity regarding our client thus, we work carefully with them to provide a rich, consistent and creative consultancy in all its forms and shades. Our work aims at different however, always focused, creative disciplines in order to deliver the results our clients aspire to. From the start up to the repositioning of a project, from the expansion into new markets, all the way to the creation of new commercial concepts; in other words, everything that regards brands, products, space, environment, experience, people and their relative connections. Visual Display deals with the whole layered project by means of its own innovative approach: by creating effective and responsive solutions. So, when our clients are looking for the best solutions, we activate an expanded
and experienced team of professionals, directly coordinated by us.

interior + retail design

A strong long lasting experience and practice in interior design projects together with a great passion for beauty and details led to a different, innovative designing approach which is really eclectic and based on the awareness that space has a great power of creating a real connection between people and brands. All our projects derive from a detailed study of brands, guidelines, current market opportunities and needs, transforming them into "physical" consumer and brand experiences: retail concepts - both for replicable formats or for unique executions - hotels and restaurants, showrooms, office designs and why not, also interior design for private villas or houses and more.

retail branding

We work TOGETHER with our clients so as to define their business strategy and to transform each brand’s uniqueness into creative ideas, helping them to better express themselves through the branding work: brand strategy, brand architecture, naming and copy, content development, visual communication concept, graphic design, package design and more.

set design

Thanks to our eclectic and multidisciplinary approach together with our skills, we feel completely comfortable with all projects where creativity (as we have a special connection with since it is free and courageous) is a must, when space is not so defined or regular, time is evanescent and also scarce, and the available budget does not always match the one we aspire to... but the expectations are always sky high. Here we are, ready to tackle and overcome these obstacles which are actually the starting point for our creativity that gives way to our great performance and strong knowledge in functionality, materials, smart and concrete project visions together with an efficient management and a really eclectic team. As a matter of fact, we have excellent skills in organizing trade shows, exhibitions, event concepts, and more.

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