Beautiful places for growing joy and business.

Established in northeastern Italy in 1999, Visual Display VD is an Italian design firm with expertise in strategic interior architecture, catering to sectors such as retail, hospitality, corporate headquarters, offices, and exhibitions. We turn spaces that do not yet exist into high-performance environments, aligning functionality and aesthetics to meet our clients’ commercial and branding goals.

Our projects are crafted for innovation, and through a methodical blend of creativity and analysis, we ensure their enduring effectiveness over time. Attention to detail is guaranteed in every aspect, all the way through the completion of the project.

From offering consultancy and art direction to crafting lighting projects and interior design, all the way to creating modular retail formats and commercial spaces that can be replicated, VD seamlessly integrates its architectural vision with the identity of its client brands. This process gives life to new values, meanings, and expressive styles for every space.